The Golf Slice

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The golf slice is one of the most common golf swing errors, especially in beginners. As common as it is, it is also extremely frustrating and many golfers struggle to find a proper fix. In order to properly fix a golf slice, you need to first know exactly what causes it.

What Causes A Slice?

A slice is caused by two main factors: club face angle, and the swing path.

Examining the swing path, it is an "outside-in" swing path that is the problem. This means that as the club head approaches the ball for impact, it is moving at an angle that would seemingly hit the ball to the left. To properly visualize this, imagine looking straight down at the ball, will the ball being split into four quadrants by a "+". For a right handed swing, the club head is moving from the top right quadrant before impact to the bottom left quadrant after impact.

Now, combine this "outside-in" swing path with an open club face, and you have a recipe for a slice. The combination of these two puts a left to right spin on the ball and will cause it to bend sharply to the right.

The ball may even start out heading left, but it will quickly make a sharp right turn.

How To Fix A Slice

There are a few things to work on in order to create a proper golf swing and fix a slice. One of the key things to remember is to finish your swing. The swing can be divided up into two halves: the back swing and down swing, and the follow through. Each part is equally important.

If your balance is poor at the end of your swing, you are likely doing something wrong during the first half. This very well could lead to a slice/hook scenario!

Complete the weight shift over to the lead foot, with only a small amount of weight being place through the toes of the back foot.

Another golf swing tip is to go back and examine your grip. Make sure that the "V"'s made by each hand are pointing back towards your trailing shoulder. A proper golf grip may be one of the quickest fixes for a slice.

For a quick golf grip refresh, go to my Proper Golf Grip page.

Check your alignment either by placing clubs on the ground, or by looking in a mirror. Make sure that you are aiming towards the target. Also check the ball position and make sure it isn't too far forward or back in your stance.

A quick driving range drill to help cure your slice is to take half swings. It should be much easier to hit the ball straight without taking a full backswing, so hit the ball straight a few times and then slowly bring your club further and further back during the backswing. It may not be cured in a day, but its a good way to gain confidence by making solid ball contact.

Here's one final golf swing tip to help fix your golf slice. You will need someone else to watch your swing, but have them check how soon your shoulders rotate toward the target. It is very common for golfers to open up too soon, by rotating their trunk and shoulders before their arms can catch up. This will lead to an open club face and outside-in club path.

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