What Can TRX Suspension Training Do For You?

TRX Suspension Trainer

That is the question that you should be asking yourself!

The TRX suspension training system is something that has been steadily catching on not only with individuals but with health and fitness clubs as well over the past few years. If you are unfamiliar with what TRX is, it is essentially a strength training piece of equipment that connects overhead either to a door or support structure. It is highly versatile, allowing you to work all aspects of your body using your own body weight.

Here, I will give you a formal introduction to TRX training and how it can impact your golf strength training program.

The History Of TRX

The TRX is a relatively recent addition into the world of fitness and strength training. Created by a United States Navy Seal, the TRX was introduced in 2005. The idea spawned from a common problem that many active military personnel face : how to stay fit while on deployment.

Originally sewn together with belts and parachute webbing, the makeshift strap system proved itself to be quite a powerful, yet portable piece of equipment. It could be slung over a door, attached to a tank, or anything else that is stable enough to hold. It was quickly realized that the TRX could be used for a wide variety of body weight exercises, targeting all aspects of the body.

The company has continued to expand over the past few years, and now offers a new device, the Rip Trainer, in addition to its two TRX models (TRX Pro and Tactical).

TRX Suspension Training For Golf

Going back to the question above : How can the TRX help you train for golf?

Golfers don't want to be bulky. They want to be strong, yet lean. Body weight exercises, in traditional forms and through TRX workouts, are an excellent way to develop that specific type of strength that golfers need.

Golf relies heavily on rotation, not only range of motion but strength as well. There are very few pieces of gym equipment that give you the freedom of motion to develop this rotation strength like the TRX does. There are many different exercises to target you low back as well as hip and pelvic muscles to develop the necessary strength and stability for golf.

In regards to the upper body, truly let your imagination be your guide! There are endless variations of upper body exercises to add to a golf strength training program. In addition to your standard TRX exercises, you can also work on power development and explosion by simulating plyometrics. Besides using a medicine ball, this is one of the better ways to develop quick bursts of strength in your arms that I have seen.

According to TRX, here are just a few of the PGA pros and instructors who currently train with their device:

  • Sean Cochran, who is one of the top PGA trainers
  • Mike Weir
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Notah Begay

Also, the TRX is highly recommended by Dr. Greg Rose, who is the founder of the Titleist Performance Institute.

Putting all of the other great features of the TRX aside, quite possibly the best and most helpful thing about it is that it is highly portable! It can be used at a gym just as easily as it can be used in the comfort of your own home. If you are someone who travels alot and do not have easy access to gym equipment to workout, the TRX can be invaluable as it will allow you to exercise anywhere.

If you would like a quick introduction into who the TRX can help your golf game, check out this video:

Upper Body Exercises

Training your arms, shoulders, and upper back can be fun, yet challenging using the TRX. This device offers brand new ways to work your muscles by modifying traditional exercises such as the push up and reverse fly.

You will be pleasantly surprised exactly how much of a workout you can get with this device. So if you are looking for something brand new for your golf fitness program, please click here for specific upper body TRX training exercises.

Lower Body Exercises

Moving down to the lower extremities, the TRX will put on new spin on some traditional exercises such as bridging, squats, and lunges. The instability that it provides will recruit more muscle fibers in order to help stabilize your body.

Also, many of the exercises can also be performed as a plyometric version. This is great for increasing force production and power.

Click here to learn more about TRX exercises for your legs.

Core Exercises

Working your core is one of the most important aspects to a golf fitness program. It is of great importance for increasing your power and will also help prevent back injuries. There are many different types of TRX core exercises, but the specific ones the focus primarily on rotation will really challenge you.

Many PGA pros have discovered how effective the TRX can be, you should too!

Click here for specific TRX core exercises.

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