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This page is intended to provide you with the latest information regarding golf training aids as well as any other resources that will help improve your game. This could include golf clubs, golf swing trainers, exercise equipment, websites, and books just to name a few.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different golf training aids available on the market. How do you choose?  While it will be impossible for me, or anyone, to review all of the aids available, but my goal is to provide you with information about resources that I have used, and like, as well as some other options that are available.

While the main premise of this entire website is to improve your golf game through the use of golf specific exercises, there are some things that simply need a training aid for. Many of the training aids listed try to help you with some of the more common swing faults that golfers demonstrate. This ranges from poor grip, to specific issues throughout the various phases of the golf swing.

My intention is to provide you with the key pros and cons in each of these golf training aid reviews. I realize that when you spend your hard earned money on something, you want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. Just because I like something doesn't mean that you will too, but I hope that I can help you make a more informed decision.This page will be ever expanding so please check back for the latest updates.

Medicus Golf Clubs

One of the most popular and recognizable golf training aids are made by Medicus. Medicus makes a wide variety of products for golf, but this review will deal specifically with their line of hinged golf clubs. These clubs have a dual hinge in the shaft that will "break" once a flaw in the swing is detected. This will allow you to localize exactly where the problems are and then focus on fixing them. Medicus makes a wide variety of clubs ranging from drivers, to irons, and even more recently, putters. I used a Medicus iron early in my golf training days and I was very satisfied with the feedback it provides and how it improved my swing. Please click on the link to read more about the pros and cons of Medicus hinged golf clubs.

Learn more about MEDICUS HINGED GOLF CLUBS here

Golf Putter Training Aid

One way to help quickly lower your scores is to improve your putting. Investing in a putting training aid is a great way to develop your putting stroke, even during the off season. Some of more common putting training aids are putting tracks and putting mats. Putting tracks are intended to help you putt with a smooth stroke following a straight line. This will lead to improved ball contact and more effective putts. In addition to these, I will also explore some other common training aids. Follow the link below for this golf training aid review:

Click here for the PUTTER TRAINING AID page

Golf Practice Nets

If you are looking for some practice time but are unable to get to the course or driving range, a golf practice net is a great way to work on your game at home. There are many different types of nets available, and way to many to review, but this page includes some of my favorites. Many of the nets will come in various sizes depending on how much space you have and how much you want to spend. These nets will not only help you get some valuable practice with your longer clubs, but there are also nets available for the short game as well.

Click here to read about GOLF HITTING NETS

Golf Training Glove

If you are unsure of how to achieve the proper golf grip, or if you are a beginner just learning the game, one of the best golf training aids is a training glove! These gloves provide special markings to make sure that the club and your hands are in the correct position. One of the most common flaws that golfers experience with their swings is an improper grip. If you have a bad grip, you will have a very hard time trying to hit the ball straight. Let these gloves be your guide! Follow the link below for this golf training aid review:

Click here for GOLF TRAINING GLOVE reviews

Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer

Sometimes stretching individually isn't enough! If you don't have access to another person to help, look into a supplemental piece of equipment to provide many of the same benefits. This review is for the Stretch Out Strap, a device that I use practically on a daily basis. It will allow you to target hard to stretch areas and will make a technique, called contract-relax, much easier to perform.

Click here for the GOLF FITNESS STRETCH TRAINER review

Straight Arm Golf Training Aid

Looking for a device that will train you to keep your lead elbow straight during the back swing? Then a straight arm training aid is for you!

These elbow braces come in rigid and non-rigid varieties, but they each will provide you with feedback in order to improve your back swing.

Their intention is to help you develop a more powerful swing by correcting one of the most common swing faults If you allow your elbow to bend excessively during your back swing, you are robbing yourself of power!

Click here for the STRAIGHT ARM GOLF TRAINING AID reviews

Golf Swing Training Aids

Golf swing trainers are a general group of products designed to help various aspects of your swing. Many of them help with your grip as well as correct arm position during the back swing.

I have taken a look at many of these products and have tried to provide you with honest feedback regarding their pros and cons.

To read the golf training aid reviews for these products, follow this link:


Golf Fitness Program

This page is a review of Mike Pedersen's Power Golf program. It is an e-book (actually, a handful of e-books) that I have purchased myself and reviewed in order to provide you with a comprehensive and balanced analysis. I personally promote this product on many of my pages and this page explains why I think that it is a valuable training aid, and well worth your time.

To read the review, please click here

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Weights

The newest addition to my exercise equipment collection is these adjustable free weights. I was looking for a quick and easy way to get a resistance workout outside of using exercise bands. These dumbbells have been working out great so far, and if you would like to read my full review, follow the link below:

Learn more about the Bowflex SelectTech weights

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