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Performing flexibility exercises with a golf fitness stretch trainer is an excellent way to target hard to stretch muscles, in addition to providing the possibility of a more intense stretch compared to traditional exercises.

In other sections of this website, I have discussed in detail to importance of performing flexibility exercises as part of your golf strength training routine. Some of the advantages are:

-Increased soft tissue length

-Improved joint range of motion

-More efficient mechanics

-Better posture

-Potential for reduced injury risk

These are just a few of the benefits of stretching!

A golf fitness stretch trainer is any device or apparatus that acts as a supplement or facilitator during stretching. There are various pieces of equipment that I use on a daily basis in the clinic to help people stretch, but one of my favorites is the Stretch Out Strap.

The Strech Out Strap

Stretch Out Strap

The Stretch-Out Strap is manufactured by a company named DKSA, and was designed by Lewie Dean, who is a certified level 3 alpine racing coach with the United States Ski Coaches Association.

The reason why this type of device is beneficial is because it mimics the effects of having another person stretch your muscles. A partner can stretch you further than you can stretch yourself, because you should be more relaxed.

It also allows to you target specific muscle groups that can be difficult for the average person to stretch like the glutes, quads, and IT band.

Another key feature of the strap is you can easily perform a specific type of stretching called contract-relax. This is important because a relaxed muscle is able to be stretched further. Using the strap, you can tense the muscle group that you want to be stretched first so that it becomes briefly fatigued, and then you immediately switch to a gentle, prolonged stretch of the same group. Repeat a few cycles of that and you will see significant improvements in how far your limb will stretch.

For reference purposes, whenever you purchase a strap, you can pair it will a poster/book/dvd in order to ensure that you are properly stretching each muscle group.

If you are looking for more information, please either roll over or click on the links below:

Stretch-Out Strap with New Instructional booklet

Stretch Out Strap with Instructional Stretching Poster/Chart Stretch Out Strap with Instructional Stretching Poster/Chart

Stretch Out Package Includes Strap, DVD and Instructional Booklet

Another company that makes a similar golf fitness stretch trainer is Theraband. I use many Theraband products so I trust the brand name, but I have not personally used their stretch strap at this point, whereas I have used the Stretch Out Strap extensively. If you want another option, consider this:

Thera-Band Stretch Strap

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