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Proper Golf Swing

My mission is to provide you with valuable and current fitness and training information to help improve your golf game. Whether it is your goal to lower your score, improve your training habits, or even just to make a few tweaks, I know that you will find this site helpful!

First, a little bit about myself: I am a physical therapist, first and foremost, so I have extensive knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics, and exercise. I am also a certified Golf Fitness Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) through the NSCA. That expertise combined with my love of golf is the basis for this website.

Golf Fitness and Training Tips will:

-Provide you with specific exercises to add to a golf-specific weight training routine.

-Educate you regarding supplemental pieces of equipment, such as foam rollers, exercises balls, kettlebells and BOSU balls, to further advance your training.

-Outline the most common injuries and provide prevention tips.

-Provide reviews for common training aids.

-Teach you the components of a proper swing.

-Give you specific golf swing tips in order to fine tune your game.

And more!!!

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Everything you need to know about a proper training program: Step by step exercise regimen from the pre-season all the way through the off-season! This book is your road map to improved fitness and lower scores! Available in both PDF and Kindle formats.

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So What Is Golf Fitness, Anyway?

Golf Fitness is sport-specific training, intended to maximize your performance. Everyone could use a few extra yards on their drive, or even some more touch around the green. You need to target specific muscles in order to maximize your potential! Let this site be your guide for developing a well-rounded weight training routine.

There are a few key aspects that should be part of every golf training program. First, you need to correct any muscle imbalances that will affect your swing. Next, you need to increase full body stability and core strength so that you can reduce the risk of injury and prepare your body for the next phase of training, which is strengthening and improving endurance. Finally, developing golf specific power will allow you to hit the ball further than you ever have before!

This site will provide you with key exercises to use in a golf strength training program so that you can target every important area! If you are truly serious about not only significantly improving every aspect of your game, but your life as well, then explore this site further and find out what you need to do to accomplish your goals!

Why Do I Need To Train For Golf?

There is much more to golf than riding around in a cart for 18 holes and taking a few swings!

Yes, it is possible to become a good golfer without being in good shape, but there isn't an aspect to your game that can't be improved through a golf fitness program.

Fitness is becoming increasingly important, not only to help improve your game, but also to help prevent injuries and allow you to play into your 60s, 70s, or even 80s! Obviously, gaining strength is important but what is just as important is flexibility. As we age, our tissues lose their elasticity and we increasingly become more rigid and less flexible. This could lead to a golf injury. I will help you counter-act this by adding appropriate flexibility exercises to your training program.

It is a must that you add both of these aspects to your training program. Developing muscles that are strong and able to generate force is key, but those same muscles must also be able to handle being stretched and rapid changes in length well.

Patients that I treat in my clinic have a hard time grasping the concept that strength training and stretching are not counter productive to each other! The example that I always use is gymnasts. Gymnasts possess incredible strength in addition to great flexibility. It is possible to have them both!

Let's face it: Most of us are not high level athletes, nor are we in top physical condition. We sit much of the day which leads to postural changes and muscle imbalances. Those changes will have a direct affect on your performance with anything athletic, not just golf.

For example, if you have a tight chest and shoulders, your available amount of range of motion will be limited throughout the entire swing. Simply increasing your range of motion by 5-10 degrees (which is easy to do) could lead to extra power and extra distance on your shots!

What about tight hips, or an inflexible back? Both of these areas will cause limitations with rotation, robbing you of power!

Seated rotation on exercise ball
BOSU single arm row

A fitness program can be performed for any golfer, regardless of age or gender. Each person will have different needs, but everyone will be able to find some benefit to training.

The top PGA tour professionals all have rigorous golf strength training routines. Even John Daly has become fit and trim! You need to add this element to truly become the golfer that you want to be.

Here you will find muscle analysis, golf strength training for both the upper and lower body, core and flexibility routines, golf swing tips as well as training aids and resources to take your game to the next level! I hope that this site serves you well, and if you have any questions about anything contained within this site, please contact me by clicking on "Contact Me" in the left navigation bar.

Also, some of my main pages have a special section where you can add your own tips and content to this site to help other golfers. Please feel free to add any information that you might have that is appropriate to that particular page. All submitted content will be reviewed my me and added to this site as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay!

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