Kettlebell Exercises For Golf

Kettlebell exercises will provide a new challenge to your upper body golf weight training program. Kettlebells have been around for a while, but as more research has been performed on them, they are becoming more prevalent in gyms and training rooms.

Many of the exercises that you perform with normal dumbbells can be performed with kettlebells, but kettlebell exercises provide a level of instability and control that you won't find with dumbbells. The challenge in using kettlebells is holding them properly! To be honest, when you first try them, they may seem a little awkward. That awkwardness will make your use your forearm muscles even more to help stabilize!

The unique shape of the weights allow for a wide variety of exercises to be performed. Yes, you can still perform basic motions like biceps curls with them, but the really interesting stuff involves swings or rotation. This is where this particular type of weight has a distinct advantage over traditional dumb bells. When using them more dynamically, you can target multiple muscle groups through a larger range of motion.

They also can supplement exercises like a pushup by promoting more stability through the forearms and allowing you to lower your body further by elevating you a few inches higher off the ground.

The main downside to using kettlebells is that there is a higher risk of injury when using them. Proper form and technique is important for every exercise but it is even more crucial when you start performing higher intensity exercises with kettlebells. When you are swinging a weight of any size, not only do you need considerable force to initially move it, but you also need strength to slow it down. Using a weight that is too heavy can certainly lead to sprains and strains.

I would highly recommend not initially starting your golf training routine with kettlebell exercises. Develop a solid base by using more traditional strength training methods and then add a few of these exercises here and there to mix it up a little. And by a few, I really do mean a few, like 2-4 to be exact! They are a great way to build strength and mix up your routine, but again, the risk of injury is there, so don't overdo it! Remember, we are golfers, not power lifters! We are not trying to get bulky, just strong and lean!

One more key thing to remember is to properly warmup prior to performing kettlebell exercises. Perform some static and ballistic stretches to key areas such as shoulders, back, and legs in addition to some light cardio for maybe 5-10 minutes. This will prepare your body for a more demanding workout.

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