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The golf swing is one of the most complicated motions to perfect in sports. Even the pros struggle with it at times!

It takes repetition and practice to even become remotely good!

In addition to the physical aspects of the golf swing, there is also a mental component. You need to educate yourself to maximize your potential! Luckily for the majority of us, we do not need to put in all of the hard work to research the mechanics of the swing.

The purpose of this page is provide you with reviews of research articles pertaining to golf so that you can further your golf education.

Don't have time to read the entire article? No problem! Just read me review, but links will be provided to the full articles as well.

Interested in learning which muscles are used the most during the golf swing? This article is a review of the literature, meaning that they looked at all available articles regarding muscle activity during the golf swing and combined it all into one concise research article.

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Need proof to confirm that weight training for golf will help improve all aspects of your game? This article measures club head speed and drive distance following an eight week golf strength training program. The exercise routine focuses on whole body strengthening using both traditional exercises combined with plyometic exercises with a medicine ball.

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One of the most important and common golf swing tips is develop consistency throughout your swing. These researchers attempt to prove this by taking elite college golfers and analyzing their swings. The two factors that they looked at were the weight shift and tempo of the downswing.

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It has been proven that performing golf warmup exercises prior to your round will help increase your club head speed. An increase in club head speed has also been correlated with lower handicaps. A proper warmup is an important part of any athletic event, including golf. If you are looking for further information regarding the effectiveness of warming up, please follow the link below.

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Wondering about when you can return to golf after knee replacement surgery? Or what you can expect when you return? These researchers conducted a survey of near 100 golfers following their knee replacement surgeries to assess when they returned, how often they play, pain levels with golf, and use of a cart, to name a few.

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