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Center of Vertical Force and Swing Tempo in Selected Groups of Elite Collegiate Golfers

This golf swing research article examines the important of the weight shift during a proper golf swing. The weight shift is something that is stressed frequently by golf pros and instructors, and this team of researchers attempted to back up these claims with evidence.

28 college aged golfers, who had all qualified for the NCAA tournament, volunteered for this study. The golfers were also divided into groups according to skill level. After a brief warmup, the golfers were instructed to take 5 swings each with their own pitching wedge, five iron, and driver in a random order.

Data was collected by using a dynamic balance system which would measure the weight shift throughout the golf swing. The tempo of the downswing was also measured, in milliseconds, for each swing.

The most skilled group in this golf swing research study was found to have to most consistency in both weight shifting and downswing tempo. This supports the fact that better golfers are able to reproduce a proper golf swing more consistently.

The article also contends that the golf swing is not a one-size-fits-all motion. There will be subtle differences between individuals, but as long as the general principles of the golf swing are performed consistently, then results will come.

In addition to the weight shift, swing tempo was also more consistent in the most skilled group of golfers. The tempo was actually slower in the most skilled group compared to the other two.

In summary, this article is a great example of why golf swing research is so beneficial. It allows us to provide evidence for the golf swing tips and techniques that have been taught for years. I feel that the main takeaway piece of information from this article is that your golf swing does not need to be perfect! Each one of us is going to have individual differences. Taking your golf swing and becoming consistent with all of your clubs is truly the key. "Muscle memory" through repetition and practice will allow your to advance your golf game.

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Jacobson BH, Stemm JD, et al. Center of Vertical Force and Swing Tempo in Selected Groups of Elite Collegiate Golfers. The Sport Coaching Journal. Winter, 2005 Vol. 1 No. 2.

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