Free Golf Training Drills

Golf Swing Tips To Help Improve Your Game

Perfect practice makes perfect!

These free golf training drills are intended for those who are looking to improve specific aspects of their game. You need to practice efficiently and properly to improve your game and lower scores.

The benefits of practice are well documented and well known. It seems quite obvious that if you practice something, that you will get better at it. The technical rationale to practicing, not only for golf but for any activity, is to commit those motions or activities to muscle memory. Simply put, muscle memory means that you brain develops a set pattern and that whenever you perform that specific motion, your brain can quickly refer to that pattern to correctly perform the task. This pattern can be refined over time, making performance more efficient and, ultimately, better.

Golf is a complicated sport with many different variations of the golf swing. These golf swing drills are intended to break down the golf swing and allow you to focus on specifics in order to hone your skills. Developing a proper golf swing takes a lot of time and dedication.

Set aside some time to practice, and work on these golf swing drills. You’ll be glad you did!

The free golf training drills listed here are some of my favorite practice exercises.

I have taken golf swing advice that I have personally received, combined with extensive research and scanning of various golf sites to bring you a handful of great exercises.

Taking time and focusing specifically on certain aspects of your game can only lead to good results!

And remember, these are all free golf training drills! No membership required!

Putting Drills

If you are looking for one of the most effective ways to lower your scores, then you need to practice putting. Learning how to putt effectively can be one of the most time consuming aspects of learning how to golf, but it also can lead to the greatest rewards. These putting drills are for golfers are all levels, whether you are just starting out, or are looking to build a little more confidence. So head to the practice green and work on some of these putting drills. You will likely see the results, meaning lower scores, fairly soon!

Read more about effective PUTTING DRILLS here

Golf Tips On Driving

While improving your putting is likely the best way to lower scores, lets be honest: driving is way more fun! Sinking a big putt feels good, but for some reason, smashing a drive right down the middle of the fairway feels even better! This page is dedicated to providing you will effective golf tips on driving to help you find the fairway many more times than the rough.


Golf Swing Drills

My golf swing drills page is dedicated to all different types of drills for the entire swing. Some of the key areas to work on are the shoulder turn, weight shift, and swing plane, just to name a few. My intention is to provide you with some of my favorite, and most effective, training drills for you to add to your practice routine.

Learn more about GOLF SWING DRILLS here

Belly Putters

Steadily gaining popularity with golfers, these types of putters offer some advantages over the traditional versions. Specifically, they work really well for people who are suffering from too much wrist motion during their putting stroke. They try to promote a stroke that mimics a pendulum motion, where the majority of the movement is coming from your shoulders.

Many PGA pros have switched to using these putters recently, and if you would like to learn more about them, please follow the link below:

Read more about Belly-Type Putters

Short Game

Mastering the golf short game is another way to quickly shave strokes off of your scorecard. This page contains tips for all aspects of the short game including chipping and green side bunkers.

I have hand selected this drills in order to give your quick and effective ways to improve your game. They are all fairly simple to perform and can help golfers of all skill levels.

Learn Short Game Drills here

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