Golf Swing Tips

Before we discuss golf swing tips, there is one thing to remember:

The golf swing is impossible to master!

You can only hope to gain enough of a grasp on the different components to not embarrass yourself on the course! Not even the PGA Tour professionals have it figured out! They are always adjusting parts of their swing to find an edge.

Now that that is out of the way...

Here you will find a comprehensive review of all the the main parts of the golf swing. Whether you are a beginner and just starting out, or a veteran who needs a refresher, this should be your one stop for golf swing tips and information!

All aspects of the swing will be examined from the grip, to the setup, and all the way from backswing to the follow through. Also, there are pages on two of the most common, and frustrating, end results of your golf swing: a hook or a slice. So read up, and hopefully these golf swing tips will help improve your game!

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The swing

Proper Golf Grip

The first component will be a proper golf grip. There are three main golf grip styles (overlapping, interlocking, and baseball). All three are built upon similar hand positions but include slight modifications. Utilizing a proper golf grip is just one step to avoiding a dreaded slice or hook. This page includes step by step instructions for a proper golf grip, plus pictures in case you need a visual reference.

Click here to learn about the PROPER GOLF GRIP

Golf Stance

After the grip, the next aspect is a correct golf stance. The golf stance not limited to just alignment. It also include foot position, posture, ball position, and hand position. In addition to a poor grip, a bad stance can also lead to errant shots. Even though it doesn't have to do with alignment, maintaining good posture is an extremely important aspect of the golf stance. Good posture will allow your spine and muscles to work more effectively to produce better shots!

Click here to learn more about the GOLF STANCE

Golf Backswing

Now that you know the proper grip and stance, you are ready to begin the swing. The first phase will be the backswing. The golf backswing is extremely important because any error here will translate to the club face being out of position at impact. There are some common misconceptions about the backswing that are addressed here. Also, you will find some basic tips for a more effective swing.

Click here for the GOLF BACKSWING

Golf Downswing

Beginning from the top of the backswing, a smooth transition into the downswing is essential for good contact at impact. The downswing is a release of all of the energy that was coiled during the backswing. Check out the downswing page to learn how to make a proper transition!

Click here for the DOWNSWING

Golf Follow Through

A balanced follow through is the ideal way to end the golf swing. Your hips began to rotate towards the target during the downswing, and this will need to continue throughout this next phase. At the end of the swing, your balance should mostly be on the lead foot, hips pointing towards the target, and back slightly extended. Many people finish off balanced due to a variety of factors. Even though contact with the ball has been made, a good follow through is still important.

Click here for the GOLF FOLLOW THROUGH page

Golf Slice

Probably the most common golf swing mistake is the slice. A golf slice is the combination of two factors: an open club face, and an outside to in club head path. These combined put spin on the ball after impact which cause the ball to bend to the right. There are a couple key things that you can do to try to eliminate a slice. Learn about them here!

To read more about the GOLF SLICE, plus tips to fix it, click here

Golf Hook

While not as common as a golf slice, a hook can be just a bad! Essentially the opposite of the slice, a hook is caused by a closed grip and an inward-out swing path. This will cause the ball to bend sharply to the left during flight. Similar to the slice, learning a few key tips to cure a hook will help lower scores.

To read more about the GOLF HOOK, click here

Golf Mental Game

Are you the type of golfer that lets frustration take over after a poor shot? Are you looking to improve your golf game by learning to relax, breathe, and clear your mind more effectively?

Struggling with the golf mental game can have significant implications on the scorecard. This page provides an introduction into the basic of mental training for golf, and provides you with an excellent resource to further your training.

Learn more about MENTAL TRAINING for golf

Recommended Resource:
The Golf Swing Guru, David Nevogt, has created a simple, and easy to learn method that you will help you cut your scores. It is called the Simple Golf Swing method! It breaks down each aspect of the swing, and provides very detailed pictures and descriptions to help you master each phase. I have every confidence that his proven program will SIGNIFICANTLY improve your game! If you don't believe it, check it out for yourself:

*Also, if you are looking for more golf swing tips, particularly for beginners, John Murray, PGA Professional, has created Golf Gamut, a site focusing on tips casual and beginner golfers. John takes a simple approach to help you learn the game.

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