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A balanced golf follow through is that final phase of the proper golf swing to examine.

You have made solid contact with the ball due to a good back swing and down swing. So now what?

Often under looked, a proper golf follow through is just as important for shaping a good shot. Common errors include improper weight shift and cocking of the wrists too early.

The follow through is basically the reverse of the back swing. For a right handed golfer, the left elbow remains straight during the back swing, and the right elbow remains straight during the follow through.

Continuing from the downswing, the hips should be rotating towards the target. At the end of the swing, your belt buckle should be pointing directly to the intended target.

Your weight will also continue to shift over to the lead foot, with nearly all of the weight being shifted by the end of the swing. You should be properly balanced at the end of the follow through, with only a small amount of weight being placed through the toes of the back foot.

If the wrists are cocked too early it will cause the right hand (right handed golfer) to rotate over the left. This may have happened earlier in the swing and the golfer would need to compensate excessively in order to get the club face square with the ball at impact. The wrists should only cock at the end of the swing.

Too much wrist cocking could lead to the club pointing in a more vertical position (towards the ground) at the top of the swing. Ideally, the shaft of the club should be in a slightly more horizontal alignment.

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As I have mentioned before on the other golf swing pages, staying relaxed during the follow through is extremely important! One of the last things that you want to do is tense up, causing your to grip too hard and "over swing". Control is more important than power!

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