How To Hit A Fade

In addition to the draw, being able to hit the fade shot is another great way to avoid hazards and lower scores. Essentially the opposite of a draw, the flight path for this golf shot is a gentle left to right pattern. Mastering a proper golf swing is a pre-requisite prior to attempting specialty shots.

This is not just a "lesser slice"! A slice is an out of control shot caused mostly by faulty swing mechanics. A fade, on the other hand, is an intentional shot, landing on target. How many slices have you ever seen land on target? Not very many!

This shot is very effective on dog leg right holes, or if you are trying to bend a shot around a tree or hazard along the right side of the fairway. In order to properly perform it, you be able to put a clockwise spin on the golf ball at impact.

One things that I can't stress enough is make sure that you have a proper golf swing before attempting advanced shots. If you cannot hit the ball consistently straight, there is no point in learning how to bend shots around obstacles. Revisit my golf swing tips page and get the fundamentals of the golf swing down and then come back.

When you are ready to try this advanced shot, there are only a few modifications that you need to make to your regular swing. Your grip will remain unchanged, but you will need to make a small modification to your stance. You will need to open your stance so that your feet are aiming slightly to the left of your intended target.

Before you begin the back swing, you will need to open up the club face so that it faces the intended target. This setup is going to alter your swing path, putting a clockwise spin on the ball and ideally leading to a nice fade. Now swing normally!

With enough practice you should be able to master this advanced golf shot!

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