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The draw is one the most useful golf shots that you can add to your game. Once you have perfected the proper golf swing and can hit the ball well consistently, its time to start practicing specialty shots.

By definition, this is when the golf ball has a slight right to left flight path. One common misconception is this shot is that it is just a "light hook". This is not true! The main difference is that a draw is actually on target where a hook is likely in the rough or out of bounds. A hook is a mistake, where as this is intended!

An effective draw shot comes in handy on dogleg left holes or if there is an obstacle or obstruction in your way that your need to bend a shot around. It is a great shot to familiarize yourself with but note that it may take some practice in order to master it!

This shot is accomplished by placing counter-clockwise spin on the ball at impact. In order to do this, you need to make a few easy modifications to your normal routine.

Once your have mastered the proper golf swing, you actually do not need to change that much in order to hit this type of a shot. Your grip will remain exactly the same, but you will need to alter your golf stance slightly. You need to shift your foot position to aim slightly to the right of your intended target.

Your setup is now complete and you are almost ready to take a swing. Before your begin your takeaway, you need to slight close your club face. Basically, while your body is aimed to the right of the target, turn your club face so that it faces directly at the target. Now swing normally!

This type of setup and swing will cut across the ball and ideally cause it to bend slightly to the right.

*This was written with a right handed golfer in mind. If you are left handed, the same rules apply just make the necessary changes.

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