Golf Pitching Tips

Here you will find some easy golf pitching tips to help you not only reach the green, but stay on it!

A pitch is generally a short distance golf shot where the ultimate goal is to get the ball on the green and as close to the pin as possible. Many times, there

Pitching can be one of the most intimidating shots in golf because not only do you need to perform the proper golf swing, but you also need to be a great judge of distance. Developing the swing is actually the easier of the two as there are just a few tips that you need to follow when attempting a pitch shot. Judging distance can be a little trickier, especially for beginners.

Like every specific shot in golf, you need to practice, practice, practice! You need to become very familiar with exactly how far you can hit every single club in your bag. Go to the driving range and spend a considerable amount of time dialing in each club. Once you feel comfortable with each club using a full swing, take some of your shorter clubs an begin taking less powerful swings. Spend some time at the range hitting 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 shots and become more familiar with these higher lofted clubs and the distances that result from each type of swing. Practicing this way will really help your pitching game and will allow you to hit more greens on the first attempt!

Many of the golf pitching tips are similar to those for chipping. Just like chipping, you want to create a downward swing to ensure that you make contact with the ball first and not the ground. However, the main difference here is that you are trying to get the ball into the air so that it will land and stick on the green. Most chips are from short range, and require more roll out of the ball so lower shots are in order.

Setup And Alignment Tips

-Approach the ball and take a stance slightly narrower than shoulder width. The ball should be located in the middle of your stance.

-Slightly open your stance. For a right handed golfer, this means that your target line will be to the left of the actual target. This may feel strange but it will enable you to take a shorter swing and rotate more effectively at your hips. Make sure your back is straight and knees are slightly bent. Posture is extremely important for all aspects of the golf swing. I have discussed this at length on various pages within this site, but in brief, keeping your back straight allows for more efficient rotation at your spine, leading to better shots.

-As your golf stance will be facing to the left of the target (if you are right handed), make sure that your club face is pointed directly at the target. Your shoulders should also be square with the target.

-Just like the chip shot, the majority of your weight will be placed through your lead foot (left foot for a right handed golfer). Also like the chip, once you address the ball, move your hands slightly ahead of the ball to promote a downward swing.

Golf Swing Tips

Check out these golf pitching tips to improve your approach shots!

-Once you have the proper stance, begin the back swing with your arms and shoulders primarily, with only a little bit of hip rotation. Also, unlike other shots, there should be not significant weight shift during the pitch shot. As mentioned above, the majority of your weight should be placed through your lead foot.

-You do not need to take a full swing with a pitch. As I mentioned above, practice different back swing lengths and become familiar with judging distance with your lofted clubs.

-As you begin the downswing, your hips, arms, and shoulders should move in unison. Your weight should be on your lead foot because, remember, there is no weight shift.

-Swing through the ball, continuing the arm, shoulder, and hip motion so that you are facing you target at the end. Taking a full or near full follow through is important for helping get the ball into the air.

Follow these golf pitching tips and you will be sure lower your scores with an improved short game. The key though is that you have to practice these shots to become proficient! One of the most effective ways to shave strokes off of your score is to improve your skills within 100 yards of the green.

Mastering the short game can quickly make up for any poor drives or long iron shots. Once you have a firm grasp over how far you can hit each club combined with a good swing, you will be sticking shots close to the pin in no time!

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