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Purchasing a golf putter training aid is a great way to improve your putting stroke and rhythm. There are many different types of putting training aids out there and many of them are very similar. Choosing the correct one can be very difficult!

Some of the most common aids are putting tracks, and putting mats.

Hopefully, this page will help you narrow your focus a little and assist you in choosing the right golf putter training aid!

Putting Tracks

Hank Haney Putting Track

If you are not aware of who Hank Haney is, he is one of the premier golf coaches/instructors in the world. He is known best for coaching Tiger Woods, as well as for his television show on the Golf Channel, "The Haney Project".

Hank Haney has many different golf training aids with his name on them and many of them are worth your attention.

The Putting Track is designed to guide your putter in the proper path, leading to more consistent shots. Visually, it is quite basic looking but it doesn't need to be fancy if it gets results, right?

It is light and portable so it can be taken with your to any practice green.

Odyssey Marxman Putt Track

Very similar to the Haney product but this track is a little more sturdy. It is reflected in the price, as this track is slightly more expensive.

Both tracks are adjustable for various putter widths.

To learn more, click here: Callaway Marxman Odyssey Putt Track

Putting Mats

Pro Circuit Return System II

The most expensive of the putting mats reviews, it is certainly not cheap at over $50 but it is probably the best of the bunch. It has a good ball return system, and higher quality turf surface.

A putting mat is worthless if the mat develops a wrinkle, or kink, so paying a few extra dollars may be worth it.

It also has an electronic ball return system so your shots should be returned to you each time.

To learn more, click here: ProActive Pro Circuit II Putting Return System

Club Champ Automatic Putting System

A cheaper version of the traditional putting mat, this aid will get the job done but be wary that the quality isn't as high as the Pro Circuit.

This mat features a gravity assisted ball return system, as compared to electronic. The turf and plastic also aren't up to par with the Pro Circuit, but if you don't need those extras, you can save yourself a couple dollars.

To learn more, click here: Club ChampsĀ® 7' Auto Putt 'n Return


Medicus Putter Trainer

One mistake that many golfers make is that they do not putt using their shoulders as the primary movers. They use too much wrist, which leads to a lack of control. This golf putter training aid from Medicus is designed to help you train your shoulders to swing the putter in the ideal, pendulum like, pattern.

It is a dual handle trainer, that attaches directly to your own putter. The dual handles take you wrist motion out of the equation, training you to use your shoulder to move the club.

It is great for anyone who is just learning to putt, or just needs to refine their stroke.

Learn more here:

Medicus Putter Trainer

Also, Medicus has a brand new putter trainer named OverSpin. Learn more about it here (and you also get the Medicus Putter Trainer with the club for free!):

Lower your golf score with the Medicus Overspin Putter!

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