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Investing in a golf training glove is a fantastic way to help improve your golf game. Not only are they relatively cheap, they also are very effective in giving you parameters for developing a solid golf grip.

Making sure that your hands are in the right positions is one of the most important aspects to your setup. Every aspect of your setup needs to become automatic and able to reproduced with every shot without even having to think about it.

This is truly why this type of training aid is important. As long as you place the grip of the club in the corresponding areas on the gloves, its nearly impossible to make a mistake. Over time, you brain and body will be trained to reproduce this over and over again.

A training glove is excellent for those who are just learning the game of golf. They essentially give you a road map for exactly where to place the grip of the club and how your hands should be positioned. This should be one crucial step in teaching you how to hit the ball straight.

However, these gloves are not just for beginners! Maybe you have been struggling with your swing and are unsure exactly what is going wrong. Sometimes you just need a little refresher! One of the very first things that you need to do is check your grip. A faulty grip can lead to a wide variety of poor shots like a slice or hook.

While there are some similarities between these gloves, each one will offer slightly different features for exactly what you are looking for:

SKLZ Smart Glove

The Smart Glove is made by a company called SKLZ, which is an excellent resource for all things training, not just golf. However, this glove is just one of numerous products that they have tapered specifically for golfers.

The Smart Glove is marketed as a grip and wrist guide. Its intention is to guide you with the correct placement of the club in your lead hand as well as making sure that your lead wrist remains rigid throughout the swing.

On the palm side of the glove, the area around your knuckles is colored black directly where the grip of the club should be placed. On the other side there is a removable wrist guard which helps keep your wrist in the proper position.

This glove comes in right or left, and men's and women's sizes.

The main advantage of the Smart Glove compared to the Leadbetter glove is the removable wrist guard.

To learn more about the SKLZ Smart Glove, click here:

SKLZ Men's Smart Glove

David Leadbetter's Correct Grip Glove

The next golf training glove is made by David Leadbetter, one of the premier golf instructors in the world. He claims that over 80% of golfers grip the club wrong! Quite a substantial number!

To the initial glance, this glove looks similar to the SKLZ glove but there are a few key differences.

The Correct Grip glove has proper alignment markings on the palm side of the glove as well, but there also are markings on your knuckles, depending if you want a neutral or strong grip. It also provides a V patch between your thumb and index finger that, when gripping properly, will aim towards your right shoulder. There also is a "Life Line" indicator on your thumb, which will help ensure a proper overlapping grip.

I personally have used a prior version of the Leadbetter glove, beginning about 15 years ago, in order the help me with my grip whenever I needed it. It stood up to the test of time, and only recently have I removed it from my bag!

This glove also comes in either mens or womens, and in various sizes.

The main advantages of the Leadbetter Glove are the price (slightly lower than SKLZ) and the additional markings to further help your grip.

To learn more about this glove, click here: David Leadbetter Correct Grip Glove

Greg Norman's Secret

While maybe not technically considered a training glove, Greg Norman's Secret, is another device that you may be interested in. I would consider it more of a wrist brace than a glove, but because of its intended results, I lumped it in with the other gloves.

The Secret is a brace that fits around your right hand and tries to keep your right wrist in the proper position. This is especially important at impact, where too much wrist motion can be an issue.

It fits along the thumb side of your wrist, and wraps around your pointer finger.

There does appear to be a learning curve with this product, however. With other reviews that I have read, some golfers think that I feels awkward initially and have a hard time getting used to it. This simply could be because they are used to their old way of swinging, and while this brace is trying to put you into the correct position, it feels weird.

I think the best way around this is to practice with the glove in chipping or pitching situations that don't require a full swing and then work your way up to longer clubs. I have read some really positive reviews about the Secret once the user has become acclimated to its feel.

If you would like to learn more, please click here :

Greg Norman's Secret


I fully recommend any of these golf training gloves for anyone looking for some extra help developing the proper golf grip. I think they are one of the best golf training aids that you can buy because they will help with all aspects of your game.

Never underestimate how important the grip is to your swing! Even having your hands slightly misplaced can cause your shots to travel differently.

Also, Greg Norman's Secret is a helpful brace to correct right wrist motion throughout the swing.


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