TRX Core Exercises

TRX suspension training is another way to really challenge your core and midsection. TRX core exercises can be both fun and challenging, and will add a new level on instability to your workouts.

The TRX system attaches overhead to practically anything that can support weight. I have seen them attached to support beams, door frames, tree limbs, playground equipment, military vehicles in addition to a traditional gym setup. This versatility makes the device a valuable piece of exercise equipment that can be taken with you practically where ever you may go. In fact, there are many PGA pros that are now jumping on the TRX bandwagon because they realize how easy,effective, and portable their workouts have become.

When you examine the golf swing, one of the key factors that is present in all top golfers is trunk rotation/shoulder turn. This is essential for developing power and torque that translates to the ball at impact.

I have talked at length on various other pages on this site about the importance of not only improving your range of motion via flexibility exercises but also performing core strengthening exercises that are heavy in rotation in order to train these muscles.The TRX core exercises on this page incorporate many of the primary muscles used during the golf swing, however, they are not just for golfers! Anyone looking for a killer core workout will benefit from these exercises.

In case you haven't read my other TRX suspension training pages, please note that these exercises are typically not for beginners. They are certainly more advanced, so if you are just starting out with your golf strength training progam, I would strongly advice beginning with more traditional exercises before progressing to the TRX.

If you are ready to begin, please check out the exercises below :

1. Plank :

-Start in a push up position (facing the ground, supported by your arms), but have your feet in the TRX loops.

-Make sure that your hips are level with your upper body and legs, and simply maintain this position for as long as you can!

2. Reverse Crunch :

-Start in the plank/pushup position, with your feet in the loops.

-Using your hands as your base, bend at both your knees and your hips, bringing both legs up to your chest.

-Return to starting position and repeat.

3. Pike :

-Start in the pushup position, with both feet in the loops.

-Keep your knees straight, and try to pull your feet forward towards your hands by bending at your waist.

4. Oblique Pike :

-Start in the plank/pushup position, with both feet in the loops.

-Instead of bringing both legs straight up to your chest, this time twist at your waist and bring them up towards your right elbow.

-Return to the starting position, and then repeat, this time bringing your legs to your left elbow.

5. Pendulum Swings :

-Begin in the plank/pushup position again, with your feet in the loops.

-Keep your knees straight the entire time, and begin to rotate at your waist from side to side so that your legs begin rocking back and forth like a pendulum.

6. Torso Rotation :

-Start in standing, facing the TRX. We will start by rotating to the left.

-Grasp both handles with your right hand, and then place your left over top.

-Lean back, ideally with your arms straight, and have your feet solidly on the ground.

-Rotate your arms to the left, which in turn, pulls you into an upright position.

-When you are ready to switch to right rotation, simply grasp the handles first with the left, and then place the right on top.

-Since this is one of the more complicated core exercises, here is a video from TRX for exactly how to perform it:

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