Home Workout Equipment To Give You A Great Golf Specific Workout

One common misconception about a golf fitness program is that you need a lot of expensive machines in order to get a good workout. This is not the case! Effective home workout equipment doesn't need to be expensive. A few key pieces if equipment will allow you to challenge all of the necessary muscle groups needed for golf.

One great aspect about this equipment is that it is highly portable. If you are someone who travels a lot, you can literally bring your gym with you wherever you go. Even if you are at home, most of the home workout equipment mentioned here can be moved from room to room and set up in areas that are more convenient.

And once again, you do not need to break the bank in order to get a great workout! You really can cater your equipment to your budget. Don't feel like you need both a medicine ball and a kettlebell? Fine! You can get a similar workout for many of the exercises by substituting in whatever equipment you do have.

Resistance Bands

This is one of my favorite things to use in a workout simply because the harder that your pull on the band, the more resistance that it provides! This is in contrast to a dumbbell where the resistance level remains the same throughout the exercise.

Key areas that can be targeted with bands include shoulders, mid back, arms, and hips. Also, while technically a group of shoulder muscles, the rotator cuff can be targeted really well with a band.

Resistance bands can be used as is, or tied/anchored around something sturdy in your home for your workouts. They also are possibly to most portable piece of exercise equipment because they are so light and can be folded and packed quite easily.


These are one of the more traditional ways to strength train. However, that doesn't mean that dumbbells are not still extremely effective. Specifically for the upper body, you can target practically every single muscle group with a free weight. Even the lower body can be worked wither these weights, although it is indirect meaning that you will simply be holding the weights for resistance while you perform an exercise such as a lunge or squat.

Another great benefit of using dumbbells is that they require stabilization. This means that not only is the primary moving muscle getting worked, but other muscles that connect to the joints involved are working to help provide additional stability. This is very important for injury prevention as improved joint stability will help reduce that forces placed in individual muscles.

Individual dumbbells are relatively inexpensive, but if you need multiple weights, things can add up quickly. In this instance, I do like interchangeable dumbbell systems where you may pay a little more initially, but you have a wide variety of weights to choose from.

Medicine Balls

If you are looking for one of the most effective ways to increase power specifically for the golf swing, then a medicine ball is a must have for any home gym. Medicine balls come in a wide variety of weights and compositions. I tend to like ones that are coated with a rubber covering which makes them much easier to catch.

The main drawback of medicine balls, however, is that for many of the exercises you may need a training partner to assist you.

Foam Roller

When I say roller in this instance, I specifically mean a 6"x36" version. If you have looked at my main roller page, there are many different variety of rollers but one this size will be the most handy for your flexibility and corrective exercise program.

While most of your home exercise equipment will focus on golf strength training, improving your flexibility is just as important. A foam roller allows you to "roll over" tight tissues and try to get them to release. This works well with your low back, thighs, glutes, and shoulders to improve motion and reduce tightness.

Foam rollers are easily accessible now, but the brand I prefer is OPTP. These come in a variety of densities, ranging in price from $18 up to $>40 depending on your needs. For that vast majority of people, an $18-19 roller will get the job done.

Exercise Ball

The versatility that an exercise ball provides makes it another necessity for your home gym. You can perform flexibility exercises, core strengthening, upper and lower body work, and specific power development exercises all with a ball.

One very important aspect when purchasing a ball is making sure you buy a size appropriate for your height. The three most common sizes are 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. For a quick check of the size, sit directly on top of a fully inflated ball and check the angle of your hip. Ideally, the hip should be at an angle of 90 degrees, so if it isn't, try another size until you find one that matches up.

Additional Equipment

The home workout equipment listed above should comprise the core of your gym. Realistically, you can create a very effective workout space for around $100 or even less. If you have a little extra money burning a hole in your pocket though, there are some other great options to take a look at. These would include:

  • Kettle Bells
  • A BOSU ball
  • Tornado Ball
  • 1/2 Foam Rolls
  • Stretch out Straps
  • Yoga Mat
  • And of course, cardio equipment

While golf is technically what is referred to as an anerobic activity, improving your aerobic fitness through a cardiovascular workout can help develop more endurance on the course (in addition to the many other benefits).

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