Golf Fitness Tips : The Karvonen Formula

Learning how to properly calculate your heart rate with the Karvonen Formula is essential when taking part in a golf fitness program. The Karvonen Formula will give you a specific heart rate range to, not only keep you safe, but to target with exercise.

Whether you are taking part in a golf weight training program or you are performing aerobic exercise, you need to keep your heart rate within a specific range in order to get the maximum benefit.

Before we take a look at the formula, you will need to familiarize yourself with a few terms:

-Resting Heart Rate : Basically a fancy term for your pulse. Can be felt at numerous places on your body, with your most common being the neck or wrist. The most accurate way is to hold and count the beats for one full minute.

-Maximum Heart Rate : The max limit of heart beats per minute. Dependent on your age.

-Heart Rate Reserve : The difference between your max rate and your resting heart rate.

This formula has actually undergone a recent revision in order to make it more accurate.

How To Use The Karvonen Formula

1. Determine your resting heart rate. (Example 70)

2. Multiply your age by .67, and then subtract the result from 206.9 (Ex. age 30) [206.9 - (.67 * 30)] = 186.8

3. Calculate heart rate reserve : 186.8 - 70 = 116.8

4. Calculate low end of range (65%) : 116.8 * .65 = 75.92

5. Calculate upper end of range (85%) : 116.8 * .85 = 99.28

6. Add resting heart rate back in : 75.92 (and 99.28) + 70 =

Target Heart Rate Range of 146 to 169

In order to properly track your range, purchasing a heart rate monitor is recommended. You can vary the limits of the range depending on exactly how hard you want to exert yourself, but 65-85% is a good standard range. Keeping your heart rate within the predetermined range with provide you with the best cardiovascular workout and will allow your heart to pump more effectively not only while training, but at rest as well!

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