Plyometric Drills For The Core - Golf Weight Training

Adding plyometric drills to your golf weight training program will help further develop power and stability needed for a proper golf swing!

A strong core will benefit you in many ways, not just with your golf game. Core exercises will help reduce injury, improve posture, increase power, and shrink your mid section.

Plyometric drills are intended to be performed rapidly, with quick muscle contractions. This type of training is important because it is very sport specific and will allow you to train in motions that are very similar to what you do on the playing field.

To properly perform some of the upper body plyometric drills, you may need a partner!

*Plyometric exercises are not for everyone! If you have any sort of orthopedic condition, please DO NOT attempt these exercises without consulting a physician or healthcare professional. You can be seriously injured by performing the following exercises improperly.*

Medicine Ball Rotations

-The best way to perform this core exercise is to stand back to back with a partner. Start by holding the ball with both hands, off to the right side of your body.

-Quickly rotate your trunk and arms to the left, gently handing to ball off to your partner.

-The partner then rotates themselves to their left, and you will rotate back to your right in order to grab the medicine ball back from them.

-Repeat this for a set number of reps, and then perform the same thing to the opposite side.

Leg Lifts With Partner

-Lie on your back on the ground, with your head at your partner's feet. Reach behind your head and grab your partner's ankles with your hands for stability.

-Keep your knees straight and lift your legs in the air. Your partner then grabs your ankles/feet and quickly pushes them back to the ground.

-It is your job to slow them down before they hit and then lift them back up into the air. Your partner can push your legs in various directions in order to make it more challenging.

Sit Up Tosses

-Lie on the ground in the traditional situp position. Your partner will be standing, facing you, but a few feet away from your feet.

-Hold a medicine ball over head with both hands. Perform a situp and throw the ball to your partner at the apex.

-Hold here until your partner throws the ball back to you and then return to the starting position.

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