Medicine Ball Workout For Your Core

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A solid medicine ball workout for your core will make you wonder why you never thought of using them sooner! If you want a full body workout that will really challenge you, look no further than the med ball.

This page was created to provide you with a few select core strengthening exercises to consider as part of your medicine ball workout.

If you have used these training devices before, then great! Dive right in! If you haven’t, I highly recommend starting with a lighter weight until you get the hang of things.

Medicine ball workouts can be fun, yet challenging, but if you aren’t performing them correctly, or using the proper form, you can very easily set yourself up for an injury. Especially during golf season!

1. Squats With Rotation :

-Start standing with the ball on the floor by your right foot. Squat low and grasp the handle with both hands.

-Quickly stand up, and at the same time lift the ball up and to the left with both hands, finishing with your arms fully extended.

-Squat again, lowering the ball back down and to the right. Be sure to perform to each side.

Medicine ball squat
medicine ball squat with rotation

2. Russian Twists :

-Start sitting on the ground with your knees bent, holding with ball against your chest.

-Slowly lean back, shifting your weight posteriorly, and balance on your rear end so that your legs are slightly elevated off of the ground.

-While holding the ball close, quickly rotate from side to side, while trying to keep your legs elevated.

medicine ball russian twists

3. Simulated Golf Swings :

-Grab a lighter ball, and assume a golf stance position, holding the ball with both hands.

-Gently perform a “golf swing” with the medicine ball, focusing on control and maintaining balance.

medicine ball golf swing

4. Rotation Tosses :

-This medicine ball workout will require either a very solid wall, or a partner.

-Stand in a small squat stance, knees bent/back straight/feet shoulder width/rear end back, holding the ball at your mid section.

-Stand so that you are facing parallel to the wall or partner.

-Maintain your stance, but quickly rotate at your waist and use your arms to toss the weight to one side. Be prepared to catch the ball back again.

-After a set number of reps, rotate directions and perform to the other side.

medicine ball toss

5. Circles :

-Stand in a mini squat stance with feet shoulder width apart, holding the ball overhead.

-Draw very large clockwise circles in the air by using your arms and rotating at your trunk.

-Repeat for counter clockwise circles.

medicine ball circles

6. Lunges With Rotation :

-Start standing, holding the ball at your waist.

-Step forward with your right foot and perform a lunge, making sure that your knee lands directly over top of your ankle.

-Once your right foot comes in contact with the ground for the lunge, rotate your trunk and arms to the right with the ball.

-Return to the starting position and repeat. You can perform a set number of reps to one side and then switch or you can alternate back and forth.

medicine ball lunges

7. Kneeling Chops -

-Start in a half kneel position, meaning that you are kneeling on your left knee, but that your right foot is on the ground in front of you.

-Position your body parallel to a sturdy wall, preferably concrete, cinder block, or padded. The wall should be on your left side, about 1-2 feet away.

-Start with the ball overhead, above your right shoulder, and forcefully chop down and to the left, slamming the ball off of the ground. The ball should bounce slightly off of the ground, and then into the wall. As it rebounds off of the wall, catch with both hands. Repeat.

-After performing a set to the left, rotate and face the other direction and switch to kneeling on your right knee. Repeat the exercise, chopping to the right this time.

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