Beginner Golf Tips - Buying Golf Clubs

Buying golf clubs can be a fun, yet overwhelming experience! It is exciting to try out various clubs to see what works, but there are so many choices out there that it can be intimidating for a beginner to pick the right set.

I believe that when you are first starting out, spending a large chunk of money when buying golf clubs is not a great idea. Spending $1,000 on clubs when you are an inexperienced golfer is not going to turn you into a PGA pro. It is very tempting to purchase the latest in golf technology, but if you don't have a proper golf swing, then what is the point?

You are going to struggle mightily initially! You will wonder what a proper golf swing is. Buy a cheap, or used set, of clubs initially. Many courses will actually rent clubs as well so that will allow you to try out different sets as well. You will soon find that you will develop a preference to a certain style, or brand of clubs.

You may also find that you may even hit a cheap driver better than your buddy's $300 driver! But you would never know this if you went out and bought a R11 right off the bat.

The take away message is try a large variety of clubs before you spend a lot of money. Try clubs out on the course and at golf shops and driving ranges. Also, perform several trials on the clubs you like because you will definitely hit the ball better some days than others and you need to make sure that it isn't a fluke that those clubs are so great.

One more tip: go to a reputable golf shop when buying golf clubs. They will be much more helpful than the high school kid that works in the golf section of a general sporting goods store. These shops will have a more diverse selection of clubs to choose from and you will likely be able to hit every one.

Also, you will getting expertise. If you are tall or short, you may need to have the shafts altered custom to your height. There are also many other factors such as grips, shaft type, shaft stiffness, etc. that they will be much more helpful with.

Once you have tried out your clubs at a golf shop, but before you buy, check out internet sites, such as Golfsmith, to see what kind of deals you can get. They are always running different promotions and you may be able to get a better deal on the clubs that you want.

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