Learn Which Muscles To Target With Golf Flexibility Exercises

Developing a proper golf flexibility program is crucial to improving range of motion at all areas of the body and reducing injury.

With the repetitive nature of the golf swing, joints and soft tissues will wear down over time. Flexibility exercises, combined with a golf weight training routine, will not only help your immediate golf game but will allow you to play for years to come.

There are many areas that will need to be targeted. Moving from your ankles up:

Flexibility Exercises

The largest muscle group below your knee, the calf muscle complex contributes to your stance, weight shift, and ankle stability. Having good range of motion will also allow greater ease while standing on uneven lies as well.

The hamstrings are one of the tightest muscle groups in the body, especially in men. The hamstring has one common attachment to your pelvis and branches off into four separate muscles at your knee. These muscles are very important during the golf swing, and help contribute to a proper weight shift. They also could contribute to low back pain if they are tight. They will put increased stress at the pelvic attachment, which will then translate up to your low back.

The quadriceps act at your knee, and are the main knee extensors. Quad tightness could lead to knee problems, particularly involving the knee cap.

Numerous muscles contribute to hip motion. The main muscles that will need to be stretched are the glutes. They provide stability throughout the swing, and if they are tight, it could significantly your ability to rotate and generate power.

Low Back
It goes without saying that you need to include back stretches in your golf flexibility exercise routine. There are literally hundreds of back stretches, but for your stretching program, it is important to focus on rotation. You lose flexibility at your spine as you age, so its obvious that maintaining this is extremely crucial!

Preventing injuries such as tennis and golfer's elbow is why you need to include these stretches. Repetitive grasping and wrist motion is the main cause of these conditions. These are great stretches to perform not only at the course, but at home as well.

Much of your golf swing motion will come from the shoulders. You need to work all muscles that attach here. This includes the rotator cuff, biceps, triceps, and the pecs to name a few. Also, it is a good idea to stretch the joint capsule. The shoulder is the most mobile joint that you have, and any soft tissue tightness can really disrupt your motion.

Neck/Mid Back
Keeping this area flexible will allow for full shoulder and neck motion. Many of the muscles that attach to your shoulder blades, act on the neck as well.

A proper golf flexibility program will target all of these areas!

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