Foam Roller Exercises - Back and Core Exercises

Welcome to the back and core foam roller page!

Looking to improve back flexibility? What about adding some new core exercises to your golf strength training program? Add a roller!

A foam roller is not only a great way to perform myofascial release in the extremities, but it also can be used to supplement what you are already doing for your back and core. I have found a handful of solid exercises that I use frequently in the clinic and I will present them here.

While rollers can be very beneficial to some people, keep in mind that they are not for everyone. If you have hip or knee problems and have a hard time getting down or up from the floor, you will have trouble using them. If you have any significant back or neck condition, it is probably a good idea to consult a healthcare professional familiar with rollers prior to starting.

Assuming that you are OK to start, here are some of the back and core exercises that I most commonly use with my patients:

Back Roll - With the foam roller perpendicular to your spine, sit on the ground in front of the roller with the arch of your low back resting on the foam. Support your neck by placing both hands behind your head and use your legs to slightly elevate your buttock off of the ground. Now, walk back and forth with your legs, with the roller traveling from your tailbone to your shoulder blades and back.

Foam Roller For The Back

Rotation Stretch - With this exercise, you are going to lay on the foam roller with it perfectly in line with your spine, meaning that your tailbone will be at one end and your head will be able to rest on the other end. Bend your knees to about 90 degrees and have your knees and feet together, with the feet resting on the ground. Now rotate your legs together to one side, but rotate your neck to the other so that you are getting a stretch along the entire spine. Repeat to the other side.

Foam Roller For The Low Back

Dying Bug - Start by laying on top of the roller with it in line with your spine. Have your knees bent and your arms resting on the floor away from your body. Start by bending your left hip and then reach and touch your left knee with your right hand. Contact should be made around stomach/chest level. Return to starting position and then repeat with right leg and left hand.

Foam Roller For The Low Back

Lift and Hold - Start by laying on top of the roller with it in line with your spine. Have knees bent and arms resting on the ground at your side. Bend your hips up to a 90 degree angle. Your knees and ankles should also be at 90 degree angles. Balance on the roller and hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Return to resting position.

Foam Roller For The back

Bicycles - Start in the same position as Lift and Hold with hips,knees,and ankle elevated and at 90 degree angles. While balancing on the roller, slowly extend your right leg while keeping the left bent. Return the right leg to elevated position, then extend the left leg.

Foam Roller For The Back

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