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Using a straight arm golf training aid can help correct one of the most common faults with your golf swing! A mistake that many golfers make during their swing is that they allow their lead elbow to bend too quickly during the backswing.

This fault will decrease your swing arc, and could lead to a less powerful swing in addition to errant shots.

A straight arm golf training aid is designed to provide you with feedback in order to help keep your lead elbow looked. Keeping your elbow straight is a key part of a proper golf swing! In turn, this will increase your swing arc and hopefully lead to a more powerful swing.

If you need proof of the importance of a straight arm, watch any PGA Tour pro. You will notice that each one of them keeps their lead arm locked throughout the majority of the backswing. This is what you are looking to achieve!

This page will review a few common straight arm golf training aids, in hope of helping you determine which one is best for you.

Tac Tic Golf Swing Tempo Trainer

Tac Tic Golf Swing Tempo Trainer

Tac Tic is the manufacturer of many golf related products. This golf swing trainer aims to help correct lead arm break.

It is a sleeve that fits around your elbow with a velcro strap. It comes in one size fits all. Its key feature is a hinge present within the sleeve that provides you with feedback whenever your lead elbow bends too far. It simply provides you with "click", to let you know that you made a mistake.

One key thing to remember is that it is not a rigid restraint. It will not prevent you from bending at your elbow, which may be what some people are looking for. I actually prefer this type of non-rigid system because it keeps your golf swing as natural as possible. The trainer will allow you to bend your arm slightly prior to providing the clicking sound. I like this because it forces you to use your brain and muscles more to try to control the elbow, as compared to relying on a brace. Muscle memory is essential for learning a task, and this straight arm golf training aid provides you with exactly that.

Keep It Straight Elbow Brace

Keep It Simple Golf Swing Trainer

This straight arm golf training aid looks quite similar to the Tac Tic brace, except for one main difference: This brace keeps your elbow locked and will not allow for any elbow bending.

I offered my opinion on the rigid versus non-rigid type of brace in the review above, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion as well, and if you think that you would prefer a rigid brace, then this might be the swing trainer for you.

This brace also is one size fits all, and comes with adjustable straps in order to get a proper fit. It can easily be used on either the right or left side.

While neither one of the braces are overly pricey, the Keep It Straight brace is slightly more expensive than the Tac Tic.

I have noticed that the availability of the Keep It Straight brace on Amazon has been poor recently, so please also consider this brace from Tik Tok which is very similar:



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This system provides a simple approach to improving your golf swing and lowing scores. It is highly recommended!

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